Bringing Liquids on International Flights

Restrictions on bringing liquids on flights

You may bring liquids you purchased at duty-free shops on flights in Japan.
However, customers who have a connecting flight in a country with restrictions on bringing liquids on board should confirm the following:
Countries with restrictions on bringing liquids on board may prohibit passengers from bringing liquids that are in containers over 100 ml, and may confiscate said items.
However, if the requirements below are met, you can purchase liquids.
Please contact your airline for details.

Carry-on baggage

You are allowed to bring liquids as carry-on baggage if the liquids are in containers that are 100 ml or less per item, and the containers are placed in a clear sealable plastic bag. One bag per traveler is allowed. If the liquid is less than 100 ml, it still must be placed in a clear sealable plastic bag. The length and width of the bag should total about 40 cm.

1 L or less sized clear sealable plastic bag / Liquids limited to 100 ml or less per item

Check-in baggage

You can bring liquids in your check-in baggage if you pick up your baggage at the airport of your connecting flight, and check it in again at the connecting flights counter.

Can be over 100 ml

Liquids subject to inspection

Shampoo, liquid soap, Hair wax, cream, and gelSpray cans, Lip gloss, Gelatin

* The above are examples of liquids in which people are often unsure of whether restrictions apply.
Liquids subject to inspection are not limited only to these items. For details, visit the website of the Civil Aviation Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

To customers with a connecting flight

Customers departing from Fukuoka Airport with a connecting flight who purchase duty-free items (e.g. liquids, gel, and aerosol products) may be prohibited from bringing them on the flight at the connecting airport.
Please contact your airline for details.